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Generator Sets

Custom Made Generator Sets

Generators tailored to your needs and installation site requirements!

  • Lacking room for a ready-made generator set?

  • The usual solutions don’t work for you?

  • Having problems with the generator noise level?

  • Requiring longer generator autonomy periods?

The Solution – Matisa’s Custom Products!

The years of experience, high level of knowledge and extremely flexible own production allow Matisa to provide you with custom made generators.

Other advantages of cooperating with us.

Why custom made generator sets?

Lower costs

A custom made generator set will save you the money needed to adjust a ready-made generator.

Use of space

A custom made generator set will be completely suited to your space requirements so you will avoid potential space shortage.

Noise control

Do you work in an extremely noise sensitive environment (hospitals, cultural institutions, school buildings etc.)? Then make sure your generator set does not produce excessive noise.

A custom made generator can reduce the noise level to 48 dB(A)/7m (measured in open field).

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Lek, d.d. from Mengeš has cooperated with Matisa MM for years. The Matisa MM company conducts regular preventive inspections and servicing on our Diesel generators. In addition, we are in possession of several generator sets manufactured, delivered and installed by the Matisa MM ...Matjaž Hauptman, Lek, d.d.

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