Zavarujte se pred izpadi električne energije z
vrhunskimi elektro agregati MATISA!

V Matisa d.o.o. ponujamo izdelavo agregatov v lastni proizvodni liniji. S celovito ponudbo nudimo rešitev od ideje do dostave ustreznega proizvoda.

Prenesite si naš aktualni katalog tukaj.

Ponujamo motorje znamk:

Ponujamo generatorje znamk:

Od majhnega 4.5 kVA do velikega 1000 kVA ali še večjega!

Izvedbe agregatov

Traktorski generatorji

We know the beauty and fatigue of the agriculture work. We are aware of the importance of sourcing energy during the daily work, in conditions of electricity absence. This is why Sincro designed AGROWATT, the P.T.O. generators and welders line for agriculture use.


  • AGROWATT is a registered and an internationally recognized name and mark.
  • Italian design.
  • Standard equipment: complete control panel, gear box and protection kit, external 3-point-connection frame.
  • AGROWATT’s are easy to be transported and stocked. They are stackable and in accordance with europallet dimensions.
  • Special configurations available on request.
  • 24 months warranty.
  • AGROWELD: Sincro welders range is available, on request, for P.T.O. connection.
  • Standards: EN 60034-1, EN 60204-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4, ISO 730. AGROWATT’s are in accordance with the security and EMC requirements of the  EEC 2006/42, EEC 2006/95, EEC 2004/108/CE directiv


The power transmitted by the gear box depends on the duty type, and therated power value must be corrected with “FU” duty cycle. The hereundertable shows service factors as regards the following three factors:

  • type pf load
  • output rpm
  • working hours per day

The applicable power is calculated by dividing the machine rated power bythe service factor shown in the table.

Example: Rated power = 30 KVA, type of load: highly overloaded,
speed: 1500 rpm,
working hours per day: 4
The applicable power is 30 / 1,3 = 23 kVA


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