Generator Sets

Protect yourself against power outages with top-notch generator sets!

Why choose us?

  • own production (all generator components are own manufactured),

  • comprehensive offer (providing solutions from idea to delivery),

  • years of experience and expert knowledge,

  • quality products at competitive prices,

  • representation of leading European generator manufacturers

  • we offer purchase of used generators.

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The heart (engine) of generator sets

When buying a generator, do you want to cooperate with a partner offering products of tested and proven quality?

Volvo Penta
MTU - Detroit
Iveco Aifo
John Deere

Various generator types

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Container Type

Stable generator sets of container construction are suitable for outdoor installation.

Advantages of container generator sets

  • the container provides room for optimum and faultless generator operation in all weather conditions,

  • the generator is installed inside the container with all the equipment required for faultless operation,

  • additional space allows the installation of extra elements according to the user’s requirements, e.g.: distribution cabinets, additional fuel tanks, various pumps

  • As with sound insulated generators, the noise level usually reaches 70dB(A)/7m; nevertheless, the container variant is most suited when seeking to control the noise level.

The noise level can be reduced to 50dB(A)/7m, which is less than urban noise.

The extra space is used to install special noise control devices and exhaust silencers for additional noise attenuation.

Do you work in an extremely noise sensitive environment?

The container generator set type is the perfect solution for noise sensitive environments such as:

  • various hospitals,

  • cultural institutions,

  • school buildings

Another advantage of the container generator is also its remarkable autonomy in extreme weather conditions.

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