Generator Sets

Protect yourself against power outages with top-notch generator sets!

Why choose us?

  • own production (all generator components are own manufactured),

  • comprehensive offer (providing solutions from idea to delivery),

  • years of experience and expert knowledge,

  • quality products at competitive prices,

  • representation of leading European generator manufacturers

  • we offer purchase of used generators.

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The heart (engine) of generator sets

When buying a generator, do you want to cooperate with a partner offering products of tested and proven quality?

Volvo Penta
MTU - Detroit
Iveco Aifo
John Deere

Various generator types

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Open Frame Type

Open frame generator sets are a perfect solution for buildings with specially adjusted generator rooms.

To ensure faultless generator operation, the room must provide all the necessary operating conditions, such as:

  • sufficient supply of fresh air into the generator room for optimum generator operation,

  • discharge of waste air from the generator room into the atmosphere,

  • discharge of exhaust gas,

  • fire safety

Structure of Generator Set Components

  • The engine generator section is mounted on a base, which can carry a fuel tank sized to give the desired generator autonomy.

  • The control unit can either be fitted onto the generator base or installed in the generator room independently.

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