Water pumps are made for getting the optimal guarantee in extreme conditions (especially in high positions). Pumps are designed to provide optimal performance, with considering the standards in the workplace. For extreme conditions (especially in high positions), Engine outputs after the test at maximum conditions must be verified on the consumption of energy of the pump itself. Engine outputs, which are designed for only the outer image of the pumps are continuously ISO 3046 under ratings of NTP conditions. The selection of engines is made with at least 20% of the difference between the consumed power by a pump and a engine output.

Standard Features

    • LISTER PETTER TR air - cooled diesel engine.
    • Starter handle.
    • LISTER PETTER ALPHA water - cooled diesel engine with the whole engine and control panel, low pressure in high water temperature protection, 12V battery and bus.
    • Clutch closure makes maintenance easy.
    • Suitable for environment with temperature : up to 52°C.
    • Suitable for tropical conditions.
    • Continuously operating up to 24 hours per day.
    • Stainless steel galvanized base in kit with fork-lift lorry pockets (TR2/TR3 and LPW(S) 3/4/T4 only).
    • 66 liters polypropylene tank for fuel with a contents gauge  (TR2 / TR3 in LPW (S) 3/4 / T4 only).
    • Installed tank for fuel (TR1: 13,5 L. in LPW2:12 L.).
    • Manual.